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"Beyond delicious!"

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"I never knew food could taste like this"

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Ispice caters for large public events throughout the north of England. We are specialists in exceptional veggie/vegan dishes and can offer a wide range of streetfoods from our extensive repertoire.

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Weddings, birthdays, corporate lunches - whatever the event, we can cater for you! Delivered hot, chilled to your door, or cooked live at your venue in our charming, vintage van Franny the Vanny, we bring a world of taste to you with our exceptional snacks and meals. Flexible and creative, we can tailor a menu to suit your particular requirements.

Our recipes are all vegan, and we cater for special diets and allergies. Phone for a chat 07722 630733, or email Please note, a minimum of three weeks' notice is required. Non-returnable deposit of 10% to secure booking.


Middle Eastern Cold Buffet

Full Set Meal £9.50 per person (minimum charge £300)

Broad Bean and Chick Pea Falafel with Fresh Coriander - moist, deep-fried bean balls with a nutty flavour

Hummus with Red Capsicum Garnish - creamy chick pea dip with clean lemon after taste

Tabooli - juicy parsley, tomato & bulgar wheat salad

Babaganush - rich baked aubergine with tahini & fenugreek leaf dip

Mixed Green Salad with Mustard Dressing - flavoursome salad of mixed green leaves with a warm, tart dressing

Tomato and Kalamata Olive Salad - sumptuous tomato salad with the finest olives in our cashew pesto dressing

Rice and Veg Salad with Fresh Coriander

Hot meals

Pulse Dishes

Chickpea - Floury chickpeas in a rich fiery sauce using fresh tomato blended with fresh green chillies and whole garram masala and a mix of green mango and pomegranate giving a hint of sweet and sour.

Blackeye Bean with Coconut - These delicious, floury beans are made tender in a stock of fresh chilli and dessicated coconut creating a dish with a sweet and nutty flavour.

Red Kidney Bean - Big floury dark red beans set in a tomato rich sauce loaded with garlic and with a red chilli kick.

Red Lentil Tarka - A thin dhal with strong flavours from burnt onion, garlic and fresh fenugreek leaves.

Yellow Mung with Fennel Seed - Another of chef's proud creations, terrifically tasty and satisfying with fragrant fennel and pungent fenugreek seed.

Chana and Fresh Tomatoes - A nutty bean in a sweet tomato based sauce. Perhaps our most popular dhal.

Red Lentil, Tomato & Coconut Milk - A creamy rich dahl with rich coconut milk using red lentils, mustard seed and fresh tomatoes. A soothing Sri Lankan style dahl.

Cucumber Dahl - A floury yellow bean with firm, juicy pieces of cucumber, this beautiful colourful dahl, which has become one of our most popular, will amaze you!

Dill Dahl - A fresh green taste with dill and coriander leaf added to floury yellow split pea comprising a thick dhal.

Potato Dishes

New Potato with Fresh Fenugreek Leaf - Strong flavours of spinach-green fresh fenugreek leaves and mustard around waxy new potato.

Sweet Potato and Leek with Yogurt - A mild, fragrant, creamy sauce with a tang of fresh ginger around soft sweet potato and leek.

New Potato with Coriander Leaf, Turmeric & Onion Seed - Soft potato with fresh coriander leaf heated with fresh green chilli and fragrant with turmeric and fennel.

Potato and Pea. Hot potato slices and juicy sweet peas - A strong flavoured dish. One of our most popular.

Vegetable Dishes

Aubergine with Tamarind - A subtle mix of spices and leaves to create a superb rich dish made sublime with added coconut milk.

Mushroom with Almond and Lime - Sweet, with a tomato based sauce, tempered with crunchy chopped almonds providing a textural contrast to the succulent mushrooms. Onion but no garlic, with warming chilli and black pepper to follow.

Chef's Mushrooms - A rich, rounded series of strong flavours wrapping the mushrooms in a warm, tomato-based sauce.

Chef's Mixed Vegetable - A pungent spice mix, clove and cardamon tempered with fenugreek and given heat with red chilli and black pepper. A dry curry using onion, garlic and tomato puree, cooked slowly to preserve the flavour and texture of the seasonal vegetables.

Mixed Root Vegetable with Roasted Spices & Almond - A queen amongst recipes! The creamy sauce with added yogurt and the exotic nutty, smoky flavours of the roasted spices, enhance the intrinsic flavours of the root vegetables.

Mixed Vegetable with Tamarind - Sweet with a tart after taste, heat from the mustard oil underlying it all, slow cooked to preserve the flavour of the vegetables, tempered with fried onion seed and fresh green chilli.

Marrow Koftah - A fluffy, sweet ball of marrow and gram flour with fresh ginger and green chilli in a succulent onion sauce.

Chilli Koftah with Spicy Sauce - An amazing dish! The koftah, with fresh chilli and fresh coriander, have a biting texture and peppery kick in a creamy tomato sauce.

Butternut Pumpkin and Cashew - A sensational dish of cashew fried in mustard oil with mustard and cumin seeds and curry leaves flavouring soft and creamy pumpkin tempered with roasted gram flour.

Tomato Curry - Sweet with a slight warmth a blend of succulent tomatoes and aromatic spice mix of Sri Lankan origin. An astonishing dish from the marvellous tomato!

Beetroot - A rich, dark taste with a fragrant hit steamed in its own juice, finished with a touch of lime.

Cauliflower with Fennel - Sweet cauliflower, steamed in its own moisture, hot with whole red chillies, flavoured with fennel and garam masala.

Rice Dishes

Rice with Black Cumin and Cardamon – a musty, fragrant white rice dish.

Rice with Coconut and Cinnamon – a faintly sweet, nutty rice.

Rice with Carrot and Smoked Paprika – pretty to look at, fragrant and firy.

Lemon Rice with Cashew – dazzling yellow, succulent with a nutty crunch of roasted cashew.

Rice with Pandan and Curry Leaf – fragrant white rice to suit any dishes.

Rice with fresh Coriander and Pea – a bright, faintly sweet rice.

Streetfood Wraps

Haggis in a Pocket – homemade vegan haggis with salad, chutneys and dips in a wrap. High protein, filling, delicious.

Spicy Spinach Wrap – spinach, chick pea flour, spices in a rich tomato sauce with salad and chutneys.

Curry in a Pocket – Dahl of the Day with rice, salad and chutneys in a wrap. Easy!

Snacks and Dips

Mushroom Pakora £45 per large tray (25 teacup-size portions approx)

Cauliflower Pakora, or Spinach & Potato Pakora, or Onion Bhajis £40 per large tray (25 teacup-size portions approx).

Hot Potato Stick – soft, spiced potato in a crisp filo shaped like a stick! £2.00 each

Tattie Pattie with Fresh Coriander Leaf – soft, fragrant potato with bright coriander leaf in a crisp filo £2.00 each (gluten, mustard)

Vegetable Samosas 75p each (gluten, mustard)

Fresh Mint and Yogurt Dip 500g £2.95 (soya)

Franny the Vanny

Franny the Vanny - if you are planning an outdoor celebration, dazzle your guests with our fabulous Streetfood cooked on the spot in our beautiful Vintage Peugeot J7 van. A separate pricing system applies. Please ring or email for details.

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